Diagnostic & Therapeutic Nerve Blocks

Diagnostic and therapeutic nerve blocks are a safe and effective way to identify and treat pain caused by nerve-related conditions. Our pain specialists use state-of-the-art techniques to diagnose and treat nerve-related pain.

At Pacific Pain & Wellness Group, we understand how debilitating chronic pain can be. We offer a wide range of treatments to manage pain, including diagnostic and therapeutic nerve blocks.

What are Diagnostic & Therapeutic Nerve Blocks?

Diagnostic and therapeutic nerve blocks are injections used in pain management. They target nerve pathways to either numb the sensation of pain in the affected nerve or interrupt pain signals before they reach the brain.

Types of Nerve Blocks:

  • Diagnostic Nerve Block: used to locate which nerves are responsible for pain
  • Therapeutic Nerve Block: used to block the nerve from signaling pain and to reduce swelling
  • Sympathetic Nerve Block: used to determine damage to the sympathetic nerve chain
  • Stellate Ganglion Nerve Block: used to discover where damage has occurred in the sympathetic nerve chain

How do Nerve Blocks Work?

Nerve blocks involve numbing a specific nerve or nerve group that is likely causing the patient's pain. The injection contains a regional anesthetic, which is usually a steroid or opioid or a combination of the two. The anesthetic stops the pain signal from traveling up the nerve to the brain, where it is perceived. Once swelling is reduced, the nerve can begin to heal, and the pain may improve over time or cease altogether.

How can PPWG Help

Our team of pain management specialists has extensive experience in administering nerve blocks. We will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. We will ensure that you receive the right diagnosis and the best possible treatment for your chronic pain.

Chronic pain can be debilitating and negatively impact your quality of life. At Pacific Pain & Wellness Group, we offer diagnostic and therapeutic nerve blocks to provide longer-lasting relief than local anesthetic and reduce your need for opioid medications to manage pain. We use state-of-the-art techniques and a multidisciplinary approach to help you manage your chronic pain. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our pain specialists and take the first step towards living pain-free.