Accepted Insurances & Coverage Details

Accepted Insurance Providers

Insurance Information

At Pacific Pain & Wellness Group, we prioritize accessibility to care by accepting a wide range of insurance plans. Below, you'll find details about the insurance providers we work with and the services covered under these plans.

Accepted Insurances:

We are in-network with many major health insurance providers.  We are pleased to accept the following insurance plans:

For more information about our accepted insurances or coverage details, please feel free to contact our office. We are dedicated to providing transparent and accessible information to our patients to facilitate a seamless healthcare experience.

Additional Details

Pre-Surgical Psychiatric Evaluation: Some insurance companies require patients to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before approving major surgeries. At Pacific Pain & Wellness Group, we offer pre-surgical psychiatric evaluations to ensure patients meet all necessary requirements for insurance approval.

Epidural Injections: Epidural steroid injections are a common treatment for pain management. The cost of these injections can vary depending on several factors. Many patients are able to use their health insurance to cover the cost of epidural injections.

Personal Injury: In the event of a personal injury, timely medical treatment is crucial. Our team can assist with various aspects of personal injury cases, including coordinating imaging tests and providing prompt treatment to ensure proper documentation for insurance claims.

Mental Health Services: We offer a range of mental health services, including psychiatric evaluations (when required for insurance approval) and Suboxone treatment for opioid or heroin addiction. Additionally, we provide innovative treatment options such as low-dose ketamine infusions.

Ketamine Infusion: Ketamine infusions are an effective treatment for certain mental health conditions. While coverage may vary, ketamine infusions may be reimbursed as "out of network" by some medical insurance companies.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS): TMS therapy is covered by most insurance providers. However, coverage policies may vary, including pre-authorizations, number of medication failures, and treater requirements.