Finding the best pain management doctors in Torrance can be a daunting task, what with the number of pain management centers around, numerous pain doctors and different treatments available. Finding the most qualified pain physician whose primary goal is to find the cause of your pain and effectively treat it requires some consideration. Before setting up an appointment, it is necessary to ask around, obtain referrals from patients whose chronic pain have been successfully eliminated or reduced, and research the level of pain management experience, training and continuing education for the pain doctor you are considering. We have made a list of key features that identify the best and most qualified pain management doctor in Torrance, CA:

Chronic pain is a struggle and can be debilitating. You don’t have to face it alone. Take a step towards pain relief and improving your quality of life with this list, gathered by our pain doctors at Pacific Pain & Wellness Group in Torrance, of things to consider when choosing the best pain management doctor.

Do Your Research

Take the time to research online before choosing a pain management doctor. Check the pain management clinics and physicians near you and check what treatments are available to you. Ask you primary provider for a recommendation.

Check Online Patient Reviews

Check online reviews of pain management doctor and practices to obtain a better idea of what other patients say about their doctors. Third party sites such as Yelp and Google+ are a great and reliable resources if you are looking for the right pain management doctor.

Check Credentials

Even if someone you know highly recommends a particular pain management doctor in Torrance, you still have to verify his/her qualifications. Check online to find out more about your prospective pain doctor: degree or special training obtained, field of specializations, professional affiliations and memberships they belong to or what patients leave on online reviews about the practice. Our pain management doctor is fellowship-trained and has earned double certification in Pain Management and Neuropsychiatry from prestigious educational institutions in the country.


It is best to choose a pain management doctor who belongs to a multi-disciplinary pain management center so you can have an access to a group of practitioners with different specializations who are focused on addressing your physical, emotional and cognitive needs, which may involve medical and alternative non-invasive pain treatments.


Ask around for a referral from any friends or family who have had successful pain treatments. You can also contact your potential pain management doctor’s office to request referrals or ask your primary healthcare provider for any recommendations.

Case Studies 

Visit their websites and see if they have published case studies. The best pain management doctors are proud of the outcome of their work and are always excited and eager to document and share them in order to help other patients make informed decisions. This will also give you an idea of the procedures and what results you can expect.

Understanding Your Pain

If you have a good idea what’s causing or what started your pain, find the right pain management doctor who specializes in your particular condition and find out the available treatment options.

Meet With Your Potential Pain Management Doctors

Once you have narrowed down your selection to a handful of pain management doctors who meet your basic criteria, call their office and schedule a consultation with each one. Meeting with each pain doctor on your list can help you decide whether you and your potential pain management doctor share the same goals and expectations. Before are some of the questions you may:

  • How do you treat your patients with chronic pain?
  • Do you involve your patients in the treatment planning and pain management?
  • Will you be create an personalized pain treatment plan based on my unique and individual needs?
  • Will you monitor my progress? If yes, how?


If you or someone you know suffers from acute or chronic pain due to injuries, diseases or degenerative conditions, seek immediate professional help. If you would like more information about pain management doctors and the various treatments available, please contact Pacific Pain & Wellness Group at 310-437-7399 or fill out our Contact Form. We offer alternative and non-invasive pain management treatments for both chronic and acute pain in Torrance and Los Angeles, CA.