Social Emotional Functioning And Evaluations In Torrance, Southbay, Westside

The Pacific Pain & Wellness Group offers Social Emotional Functioning and Evaluations to patients in Torrance and greater Los Angeles area. This service is designed for patients who struggle with emotional difficulties, social isolation and learning or attention problems.

Social Emotional Functioning And Evaluations Services

Difficulties with social/emotional areas can make it challenging for you to learn, make effective progress or be successful socially. Emotional difficulties can result in reduced learning or attention and social isolation. These challenges are often results of eurological vulnerabilities, affecting certain behaviors as patients try to cope with particular brain patterns. If you are struggling to make friends, have behavioral problems or have trouble following routines and rules, you need help to learn new social or emotional coping strategies and behaviors.

What Is Social Functioning?

Social functioning is defined as the ability of the individual to normally interact or build relations between oneself and others and the environment or situation. It results from the interaction and balance between an individual’s coping capacities and the demands of the situation/environment.

What Is Emotional Functioning?

Emotions are cognitive processes that originate from the multiple regions of the brainstem, which regulates basic body functions and more complex functions and thought. Emotional abilities involve self-awareness, management of distressing emotions, empathy and effective relationships.

Benefits Of Social Emotional Evaluations

  • Improving social and emotional functioning.
  • Address current problem behaviors.
  • Reduced the chance of developing new maladaptive behaviors.
  • Evaluation of how other problem behaviors may be associated with social/emotional functioning.
  • Identifies individual strengths and capitalizing on them to cope with situation/environment.

Mental Health Specialists

Pacific Pain & Wellness Group’s team of qualified and experienced mental health specialists offers comprehensive evaluation with special attention to coping style and available strategies. We collect necessary data from testing, identify areas of stress and integrate these with our individualized and essential recommendations that will improve functioning and help you achieve social success. Many professionals can administer tests, but few have the skills to produce the type of report that captures your individuality and make the right recommendations for the help you require. Our mental health specialists are:

Dr. Kartik Ananth
Dr. Gelareh Solomon
Dr. Mohan Nair